2014 DEMO

by creator|destroyer

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Rafael Gallaher
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Rafael Gallaher Support this band. They rule. Saw them the other night with Despise You and they leveled the place. Favorite track: D.E.A.T.H..
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unmixed demo release


released September 15, 2014

Guitar- Dorian Rainwater(Euphoria Solo)
Drums/Vocals/Guitars/Bass- Jesus Fuentes

engineered by Irving Lopez at Imperial Mind Engineering
Solo on Half Passed Noon(Euphoria) by Dorian Rainwater



all rights reserved


creator|destroyer Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Firefight
Gather every single thought and desire
Gather with intention to burn
Gather every wire attached to a pyre
Gather with intention to burn

Burn the 36 sticks (x9)

Pain, pleasure and the passion from opinion
Perfected by powers and intentions from the willing
Power is poisoned by replaceable junction
Replace the junction with a masterful function

Burn the 36 sticks (x9)

Heaven is a burden of which creates sin, destroy the hell of where it all begins
Track Name: D.E.A.T.H.
I deny the creator
I deny any form of baptism
I deny the worship
I cleave unto thee and in thee I believe

Don't ever antagonize
The horn

Death is the key to peace, power and abundance
The door is surrounded by a choir of repugnance
Death is the key to peace, power and abundance
Who needs to knock when the key is in stock?

Die die leave the ego to die
The ego does not define the eye
Die die leave the ego to die
The ego does nothing but defile the eye

Track Name: Half Passed Noon (Euphoria)
Nodding and Nodding
Following the winds to the East
Nodding and Nodding
Leading the winds heading West
Nodding and Nodding
None of it ever makes sense
Nodding and Nodding
Falling from a cloud of resistance

Euphoria, Euphoria the black comes in the form of cum
Track Name: Word
Swords are hired, to destroy the empire
Words are fired, to destroy the empire
Fools try again and again
and die if they win
but never if they forged together
Fools give and they take
Forget all of their mistakes
Forcing their snakes to live forever

Strange and unproductive thinking are the curses from the word
So deep it passes unrecognized

I give my consent to the creatures
who's eyes reflect on demise of the innocence
I give my consent to the demons
That consecrate this feeling
That concentrate this feeling
Track Name: Beast(ly nothings)
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing vanishes without a trace
Even the stars die in the night
Oddly enough
Instead of being blinded by the night
We can see everything it has to show us
We see the generic causes from reality
We see a perilous position
We see nothing
We see life
We see death
We see strife for the cause of breath
We see the cease of something

The prevention of nothing

No thought
No movement
Not one quaint notion of something
Track Name: Wolves and Mothers
From erections of father, conceiving a nutritious bile.
From the breast of a mother, receiving a nutritious bile.
From the sect of a brother, receiving a nutritious bile
No same love from another

A traveling pack of wolves with the same love from mothers above
One never abandons
Track Name: Transposition
Once the first is built, one foot steps first
Twelve steps built, one foot steps last
Another twelve steps built descending from the last
Ending on the same foot from the beginning of the past
Extrude the self
Express. Eject. Expel.
Emit the self
Transposition, an intrinsic vision
Exalt the self
Extol. Acclaim. Elevate.
Exert the self
Except for for acceptance from irrelevant convention